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The Process

Soap is a labor and time intensive process! To keep it simple to understand, I’ve broken the process down to 4 steps. 

  1. DESIGN. My soap products are thought out ahead of time--every ingredient, scent and visual design perfected. I often get inspiration from things like nature, bakeries, color wheels, paintings, etc. Designing soap requires much planning and forward thinking because of the time it takes to make it. (see below)
  2. CREATE. Soap is made by the combination of fats (oils) and sodium hydroxide. Don’t worry!! Sodium hydroxide molecules bind with the fat molecules to create soap--there is NO sodium hydroxide left in the final product. With my hair always tied back and wearing proper safety gear including gloves, I use my handy immersion blender to combine these together to make a beautiful soap batter. This is where the colors and fragrance come in! Soap batter starts out as a thin pudding and over time will thicken. This is the time where I create fun designs and patterns by using the consistency and thickness of the batter to my advantage. The batter is then poured into the molds. Follow me on social media to see fun clips of the process!
  3. WAIT. After 24 hours, I can remove the soap from the molds and slice into individual bars using either a knife or wire cutter. The soap is then placed on a tray where it will sit to cure for 4-6 WEEKS! The cure time is essential to getting a hard bar of soap that lathers well. This means I start making my holiday soaps in August/September! I welcome customers to request custom designs, and so the cure time is the reason for long lead times. 
  4. PACKAGE. After the waiting is finally over, I can “beautify” the bars by beveling the edges with a potato peeler and adding the finishing touch of my logo stamped into the soap with a rubber mallet. I then wrap the soap in paper and apply the label. They’re ready to ship!