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The Ingredients

What we DO have:

All of my products are made from scratch using high-quality, premium oils that create a luxurious and skin-loving product. Oils such as pure olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, avocado oil, organic cocoa butter and organic fair trade African Shea butter make up my soaps and balms. 

Every product page will show you the exact ingredients used so you can be sure you are getting a product you and your skin will love. 

What we DON’T have:

All fragrances used are phthalate-free. Phthalates are man-made chemicals often found in everyday items such as plastics, art supplies, building materials, food containers, medical equipment, personal care products and more. Phthalates have been associated with various health problems including developmental issues, birth defects, obesity and increased risk of cancer. Your skin is highly absorbent and is a major gateway for toxins entering your bloodstream--so I stay away from phthalates!

My products are vegan and palm-free. I chose this because I want my brand to be environmentally conscious. Palm oil is found in so many products such as chocolate, deodorant, soap, shampoo, makeup, and many other packaged foods. Unfortunately, the production of palm oil is a major cause of the deforestation of biodiverse forests and habitats for endangered species. The palm oil industry has also been involved with exploitation of workers and child labor. While you can certainly find products that use “sustainable palm oil”, I’ve decided to go palm-free for my shop. This is closely related to why I’ve gone vegan as well with my shop. While many soapmakers like to use beef tallow, lard, honey, milk, and other animal products, I find vegan ingredients to be just as good if not better for your skin.